Our collections are expertly curated to cater for little girls from ages 2-8. Featuring garments from all over the world that embody a classic, feminine and luxurious aesthetic - House of Emmerson will ensure you dress the little girl in your life beautifully.


Fina Ejerique founded its brand in Spain in 1993 with a clear mission: launching a children’s fashion collection to the market by offering comfortable clothes with a high quality standard and the passion for home made products. The company has a well established reputation and is trusted and worn by children of the Royal family.


Airfish is a Korean brand designed in New York by sisters Jennifer and Chloe Park. Their designs are marked by sleek and modern accents, avant garde details and signature oversized bows and ruffles. Never has modern kids fashion been this couture!


Petite Plume was inspired by the desire to create sophisticated and comfortable sleepwear in the most exquisite cotton available.In this elegant range of sleepwear, you will see elements of classic colours and styles reminiscent of a bygone era. Petite Plume are proud that their children sleepwear is made with the finest quality cotton and blended with just enough inherently flame retardant finer to allow sleepwear to pass strict CPSC regulations without the use of harmful chemicals. The fabric is preshrunk and yarn-dyed to prevent fade. The superior fabric is then brushed for added softens and gets cosier with each wash.


Patachou is an accessible luxury brand that offers clothes for children with fun classic proposals that combine exclusive design and prime raw materials to a chic timeless statement.


Moque is Modern and Unique. Whimsical in its bright colours, playful in its silhouettes. The collection fuses chic and fun fabric for everyday children’s wear. Unique colours and textures interwoven into a cheerful design. Moque’s approach is sophistication, an ebullient character in every child’s heart.


Charabia Paris dresses the chic children around the world. Iconic, elegant, creative and fresh, Charabia reinvents the children's dress code in a refined and playful style. The House of Charabia works with small workshops and factories -often times historic partners in France - to produce pieces which require highly skilled and meticulous production. Through this, Charabia guarantees it's dedication to quality and ethics. By choosing a Charabia garment you own a unique product with an authentic story.


Imo Imo Kids is a contemporary kids wear brand designed by travel and beach lover min Kim. Imo Imo specialise in romantic kids wear to worn throughout the holidays and beyond. The sophisticated designs are not only for a travel ready wardrobe, but also for special occasions, conveying feminine loveliness through flower motif lace, ruffles and embellishments.


The beautifully imagined Spanish brand Paz Rodriguez is known for its focus on dressing children in authentic, delicate and smart designs. Find a variety for understated sweet styles with fun detailing and expect luxurious materials, such as cotton and wool, for wonderfully durable and comfortable pieces.


Milledeux is a family owned business based in Denmark. The idea for their business began when they saw a problem with the metal clips on bows containing too much nickel, and the clips being used had teeth which cut and damage the delicate hair of children. And so, Milledeux was born! They use nickel free metal, certified OEKO-TEX ribbon and only hairstylist-grade alligator clips with no teeth but strong enough to stay put in the thinnest of hair and even very short hair. All of the Milledeux bows are handmade, using only the best material - always ensuring their products meet high quality standards.


Trottolini Milano originates from a Love Tale and are proud the be made in Italy. The whole production chain is completed within Italy with the respect of the most genuine manufacturing tradition. Colours, materials, shapes and style have a typical Italian taste. The results are fresh, colourful clothes with fashionable shapes, bespoke details and handcrafted decoration. A children's collection of a 'modern classicism' that considers the needs to children that love to play, go to school and travel but that yet to wish to be stylish and beautiful.


Odette Williams Brooklyn design products and experiences that encourage families to slow down and be together to explore the world of food and cooking together. A staple household item or a gorgeous keepsake gift- these beautiful aprons will quickly become your children's go-to in the kitchen.