Happy Mothers Day!

We want to take the opportunity to wish all of our beautiful Mums a very Happy Mother's Day! We hope you are delivered a delicious breakfast in bed this weekend and enjoy a day that is all about you because you most certainly deserve it!

For our Mother's Day Special we are very excited to share with you our latest profile and are thrilled to introduce you to Melbourne based Hair and Makeup Artist to the stars; Jade Kisnorbo. Jade is our latest Emmerson Mum and we were so honoured to meet and chat with her and her two gorgeous daughters Milana and Valentina about her work, how she built her incredibly successful career and her greatest joy - family! 

In celebration of Mother's Day this weekend what do you love most about being a Mother? I love that being a Mother is not only the most rewarding job you will ever do but it is an unbreakable bond that leaves you with a best friend forever. 


You are a renowned Hair and Makeup Artist.. What inspired your career? I've always been creative and loved to express myself though art or interior decorating. When I found my love of makeup it was something that came naturally and was also easy to combine with my passion to communicate. Makeup is fun but it's the transformation we have fun with and it's this that I truely love.. As well as the way you are able to make someone feel!

What would you say is the most important part of of building a successful personal brand? There is so many.. I would say it's the things you say no to are equally important as the things you say yes to. I also would say that no one will work as hard for you or your brand as you will so what you put in is exactly what you will get out!


You have two gorgeous children Milana and Valentina who are the most adorable little characters. Tell us a bit about them? Milana is a very sensitive and expressive little girl. She is a lot like me and loves everything creative. Valentina is very independent and happy to go a long with most things. She is very happy and not a lot bothers her, she has a sweet soul and plays with everyone. 

What are your favourite things to do with the girls? There is so many.. I'm always taking them out and they are both extremely social little girls. I love taking them to the movies, to the zoo and the aquarium. 


How has Motherhood affected your schedule, work travels? And how do you strike a balance between your bust work life and Motherhood? This is my hardest struggle in life.. The balance. My only advice is to be present; where ever you are - be in the moment. And be organised! For a mother the best time is after the kids are asleep, this is when I'm most productive. However between phone calls, emails, Instagram it can all be quite overwhelming but the main thing for me is when I'm at work I'm at work and when I'm with my children having fun I'm in the moment. Also, surround yourself with people who share the same views and work life as yourself as this can always put everything into perspective.. I know a lot of successful Mumma's. 


What is the greatest lesson your Mother taught you? I can't count the amount of times my Mum told me 'If you don't have something nice to say, then don't say anything at all'.. I honestly live by this - it's so true!

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Hayley Krakouer