Lights, Camera, Action!

Behind the Scenes with Lorinska and Penelope

We are thrilled to take you behind the scenes and introduce to The Emme Post ‘Yummy Mummies’ Reality TV Star Lorisnka Merrington and two year old daughter Penelope. Tall, gorgeous and confident blondes Lorisnka and her mini me Lady P are just as beautiful off screen as they are on. Ahead of the Yummy Mummies Season 2 premier on Channel 7, we met with the gorgeous Mother and Daughter duo to chat about the reality of reality shows, motherhood and five things that Lorinska is loving right now.

Photography by Hayley Krakouer / Lorinska wears gorgeous Cappellazzo Couture / Penelope wears Trottolini Milano available at


How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Ambitious, loyal and happy.

You’re a qualified teacher, tell us about your journey from education to television?

I always wanted to be a Primary School teacher and I always wanted to be a presenter, so I aimed for both and achieved it. At one stage I was working 7 days a week, I was teaching Monday to Friday and then on the weekends I was presenting the traffic for Channel 9 in both Melbourne and Adelaide. It was hardwork, but as they say ‘hard work pays off’ and it really does.

You and Penelope are stars in the Channel 7 series ‘Yummy Mummies’, what have you found to be the positives and negatives (if any) of being on a reality television show?

Reality TV shows have become very popular where I feel it all started with Big Brother, and it’s still going strong with dancing, singing and renovations shows. Personally, for me, it’s been a really positive experience. I’ve been able to introduce people, empower new mums and connect with other people and share stories. For instance, recently, I had an email from one of Penelope’s teachers asking for a little help with a gorgeous girl that had been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and needed some funds and assistance. I choose very carefully what I share on my page and this one hit home, so it was a no brainer to share her story. This little girl was the same age as Penelope and I just couldn’t fathom what this family were going through. Fast forward the next day, I had a direct message on my Instagram page and it was from another family going through the same treatment. These two families have now connected and are each others support. This is where getting a social platform can really benefit.


You’re beautiful daughter Penelope is two years old now, what’s been the best surprise of Motherhood?

Before I had Penelope, nearly every Mum (except my Mum) had so many negative comments about being a Mum. I was told it was everything from sleepless nights (and you’ll never catch up on any sleep) to screaming kids, to marital problems and good luck with breastfeeding it’s horrid. Jeeeeez, no wonder why mothers are so scared to have kids! It’s such a personal journey but hands down the best one EVER. I love being a Mum, like I really really, really LOVE it. Best job and yes it can be challenging but i’m always up for a challenge.

How do you find balance between work and motherhood?

Juggle: v.&n.v. 1 intro. perform feats of dexterity, esp by tossing objects in the air and catching them, keeping several in the air at the same time. 2 tr. continue to deal with (several activities) at once, esp with ingenuity. (Concise Oxford Dictionary). I don’t think there is such a thing with a good balance of work and motherhood. But what I have learnt is that I have had to get used to a little mess in the house, the superwoman is dead and asking for help is absolutely fine.

What is your favourite activity/tradition that you love to do with Penelope?

Penelope is hands down a baby cino QUEEN.. She has nailed having a baby cino with Mumma from day one. No spills and often flicks the marshmallow because who gets a marshmallow with a ‘coffee’.

You’re very close with your Mum, whats the greatest lesson she’s taught you?

I would say to Mum.. “Mum I don’t know if I want to be a Primary School teacher, singer or be on the telly. She said “then do them all” and I have, except singing (I did singing lessons but i’m no Beyonce.. YET). Mum has always seen me as a CEO she explains and has always said to me and my brother, speak your mind and have no ceiling. I LOVE MY MUM SO MUCH!

What are 5 things you are loving right now?

  1. Lady P’s shoe collection she is sporting around at the moment. A new pair of Sophia Websters and Junior black Guiseppe Zanotti sneakers - they are hot!

  2. The feeling of the Spring carnival in the air and that excites me!

  3. My house being finally renovated after a long 2 years!

  4. My family are my everything, they are unbelivably supportive and move heaven and earth for me and my work.

  5. I love my friends.. I have such an amazing group of friends that I treasure dearly.

Hayley Krakouer