Living Life and Style

Known as Living Life and Style on Instagram, in real life Rayna Hardwick is just that! Living a beautiful life in regional Victoria with her four gorgeous daughters Saila (7), Sascha (5) and identical twins Indi and Ivie (2) in impeccable style. Rayna has a growing following on Instagram where she displays a stunning feed comprised of her love of interiors, fashion and a sneak peek into her homelife and the juggle of four children.

We were lucky enough to be invited into the Hardwicks divine family home and we sat down to discuss Motherhood, Interiors and how she keeps inspired!


Describe yourself in three words?

Patient, Particular and Sleep deprived. 

You're the mother of four beautiful daughters, what's been the biggest surprise of Motherhood and what's been challenging?

The twins were definitely the biggest surprise, I still pinch myself that I have four children! The challenge that comes with having a big family is that I feel like I never have enough time and I'm always rushing. Some days I don't have time to shower, I rarely go the the bathroom on my own and I dont have the time to see or chat to my friends as much as I would like because I often have a little person needing my attention, but they're growing up so quickly, I wish there was a way to slow things down and take it all in. I'm sure the teen years will take "challenging" to the next level! 


You love to cook, whats your favourite pancake recipe?

Sascha is coeliac so our favourite Gluten Free Pancake recipe is:

  • 1 Cup Gluten Free Self Raising Flour

  • 1/4 Cup Castor Sugar

  • 1/4 TSP Bicarbonate Soda

  • 1 Egg

  • 3/4 Cup Milk (approx)


What are your go-to shop for Childrens decor and furniture?

I love Leo and Bella, Norsu Interiors, Urban Baby, Talo Interiors, Tini Trader.

Where do you find inspiration for Interior Design?

Inspiration is everywhere! It might come from a piece of art, beautiful wallpaper, an object or pieces of furniture that grabs my attention. A friend recently sent me a picture of a pink stone bathtub and now I have a whole bathroom design planned in my head for another project. 


Do you have a favourite room and why?

Oh gee, can I only pick one? The kitchen is the heart of the home but I also love my wardrobe and office - oh and the laundry.. I couldn't live without that. 

What values do you hope to install in your girls?

Honesty, Independence and Kindness! Being kind is definitely something I harp on about A LOT!

What is your mantra?

Keep calm and carry on. 

Hayley Krakouer